Race in Student Affairs Project

This decade-long project aims to improve how student affairs professionals and other higher education administrators are prepared to engage in substantive conversations about race and racism, work with diverse student populations, understand and address racial inequities, and foster inclusive campus racial climates. The first phase explores how and what students learn about race in their graduate programs. Racial socialization theories from the social-psychology literature are being used for analysis in this study.

Researchers from the Center recently began data collection for this project by conducting focus groups with second-year students who were enrolled in master’s programs at the following universities:

Bowling Green State University
Central Michigan University
Florida State University
University of Georgia
Indiana University
Iowa State University
University of Maryland, College Park
University of Massachusetts Amherst
Miami University
Michigan State University
The Ohio State University
Penn State University
University of Southern California

The next phase of the project will include individual interviews and focus groups with new professionals who earned master’s degrees within the past three years and presently work in entry-level student affairs positions; advanced doctoral students who are on the market for tenure-track assistant professorships in student affairs and higher education graduate programs; and tenure-track assistant professors who earned doctorates in higher education or student affairs within the past three years and presently teach in student affairs preparation programs.

Eventually, researchers from the Center will collaborate with colleagues elsewhere to develop curricular interventions for higher education and student affairs graduate programs, as well as developmental experiences for student affairs professionals on college and university campuses.