Institutional Change for Black Male Student Success Project

Five campuses are using standards developed by the Center for the Study of Race and Equity in Education in the design, implementation, and assessment of their Black male initiatives: North Carolina Central University, the Community College of Philadelphia, Stanford University, UCLA, and the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Teams on each campus are focusing on a specific problem that undermines Black male student success. Although the focus varies across the five colleges and universities, their efforts are guided by and assessed against the same standards. Before its work began, each institution brought a cross-sector team composed of administrators, faculty, students, and Black male alumni to Penn for a four-day meeting, at which time they were introduced to the standards. The teams then returned to their respective campuses and devoted an entire academic school year to designing strategic plans in accordance with the standards. Researchers from the Center are using theories on organizational change to study these five institutions.

This project is funded by Lumina Foundation for Education.